Melissa Harris-Lacewell’s Open letter to Governor Howard Dean

May 8, 2008

Dear Gov. Dean: Are You Ready to Lead?

There’s still time for you to save the Democratic Party.

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Talking about Race and Gender in the Democratic Primaries

March 20, 2008

All the Men Are Black, All the Women Are White, and Some of Us Vote: A Remix by Salamishah Tillet

I spent the better half of Tuesday afternoon, listening to and reading the transcript of Barack Obama’s speech on “race.” Obama’s address was thoughtful, progressive, eloquent, brilliant, moving, and insightful. He did all the things I wanted him to do, acknowledged the founding “sin” of American slavery, shifted the burden of racial reconciliation from the shoulders of African-Americans to the larger American citizenry, and spoke about the past and present consequences of white rage and black disillusionment.


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